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Vacation- Ya gotta do it

19 Aug 2015 . category: life . Comments
#vacation #life

When we’re kids, we always get our summer vacation. Either going to far away exotic places like Disney or just a nice stay at home summer vacation. What we forget as we get older is, we need time off. Our society has become so much of “work now, play never”.

I fell into this trap at an early age. Working 20 hours a day so I could live my dream as an audio engineer and then have my paycheck job. Having a vacation just wasn’t feasible.

When failing to make my dream a reality, I had to move back home with the parents. I didn’t stay long as I started going to school again, working and falling in love and moving in with a girl. It then became eat and have a roof or go to school. I chose the former. Still never having a real vacation.

As luck would have it, falling in love sometimes doesn’t work and I gained debt and could only keep working to pay things off. I fell in love a couple years later and moved in with that girl as well. Working more and more to get us the life we want.

Now, after 4+ years of never having a vacation, I finally am having a vacation. Just staying at home with my pups and my girl. It is nice to have a time to just rest and relax. It’s helping get my mind straight, see things a little clearer and to get everything back on a straight path.

Now, that I’m done with my long windiness, what am I getting at? I’m saying you as a young worker like me, you have to take a vacation. If you don’t, you fall into a rut and every year, it’s harder to get out of. Taking a vacation let’s you know there is more to life than just work. Even more so, it allows you to think alone and on your own again. Maybe there’s something life changing you’ve needed to do but haven’t been able to because of the repetition of work. Maybe you need to look for a need job. Maybe you need a new house. Whatever it is, it only becomes harder the less time off you have.

Take a vacation, take time off, go do things, stay at home and relax. Whatever it is, you need time away from the craziness that is your work life every once in a while.


Jake Kromer is an awesome person. He lives in Arizona, where he works on Tech.