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Eddie’s Eulogy

10 Jul 2010 . category: Eddie . Comments
#Eddie #eulogy

Eddie, I remember when we first really met and spent time together: Blue Lake. We shared a room with Stephen and you refused to go to sleep. I swore I’d tie you down and tape your eyes shut. After a while we all just laid in our beds and just start making random noises and crack small jokes. As time went by we became the best of friends. Spending most of our time together, driving around, listening to music and just heading no where in particular. We would talk about God, theology and what ever else was going on. One day we were at the mall with friends and I saw an As I Lay Dying poster I wanted but couldn’t afford at the time. Secretly you bought it for me and forever became my “boyfriend” as an inside joke. We would always hang out. I was there for your first tattoo. You took it like a man. We began getting tattoos left and right till both our dads threaten to kick us out. We stopped until I was about to move, so on my 2nd to last day in FL we got matching LCP tattoos. And stupidly enough the next day we went with Brittany to Big Kahunas. Even though after I left we began to talk less we still thought about each other and visited the other occasionally. I’m so glad that I got to see you my 21st birthday weekend. It was the last time I get to see you my dear friend. Your body may be gone but your heart and spirit will always be with us. LCP, Legendary Christ Punks never give up, never give in, always love.


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