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29 Mar 2013 . category: Easter . Comments
#Easter #Jesus

Today signifies the day Jesus died upon that cross all those many years ago. He was beaten, mocked, destroyed of all dignity but yet He endured it all because of me. “My sin cried ‘Crucify!’ louder than the crowd that day. ” (O.C. Supertones, ‘Louder Than the Mob’)

Jesus could have called a legion of angels to wipe out the face of Jerusalem before anyone could blink. He could have walked off that cross with zero effort. He could have stopped everything before it even started. He could have never been born.

Jesus CHOSE to die for us. Jesus CHOSE to take up His cross. Jesus CHOSE to be the Lamb of Sacrifice for all sins. Jesus would choose to do it all over again, if for one single person. Jesus would take up His cross all over again for the world to be saved.

Every time we sin, we hammer that nail into Jesus’ wrists and feet. Jesus never blames us. He looks at us with love and compassion. He says, “Come to Me, my child and sin no more. For I, The Lord, love you.” He does not ask for us to do anything to gain this forgiveness, this love, this grace; He simply says come. Nothing we can ever do will win us His favor. Nothing we can ever do will win us forgiveness. Nothing we can ever do will gain His love and grace. He freely gives it to everyone.

##“Father, please forgive them for they know not what they have done.”


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