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Maundy Thursday

28 Mar 2013 . category: Easter . Comments
#Easter #Jesus

Today is the day, the fateful night that Jesus of Nazareth was arrested. The day he was tortured and beaten. All because He was sentenced to death the day he was born. Why? For us. Because of us. To redeem us. To wash away our sins. To make us whole again.

Everyday, I’m a failure. I sin and stumble but the Lord says, “Come and I will make you whole.” I have given up social media for Lent. I can truly say that is was hard but worth it. I’m not sure I will be on it much after Lent. What I do know is that I did not give up enough. I did not give up enough for the sake of being closer to my Lord. I gave up something petty, in all reality. Lent will be over and we will remember once again, really, why Christ died.

Remember. Remember why Christ was nailed to that cross. It was me. It was you. It was us.


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