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This will be an ongoing series about Google+. Today, I talk about Google+ and photos and sharing those photos.

Everyone knows I’m a Google fanboy. I love almost all their products and am always trying to be on the bleeding edge of their technology. They sent me a Chromebook when it first came out, I got into Wave and other products when they were first put into beta. But that doesn’t mean all their products have been great. Wave died into obscurity, Buzz was laughable at best and other products most people didn’t know existed.

Most of you have been seeing Google’s push for you to start “using” their new social media service dubbed Google+. I bet most of you have been wondering why in the world would you want a new social media service?

Google+ is the best social media service around for sharing photos. I always hear that people just use FaceBook to share pictures and to see pictures. FaceBook’s interface especially for uploading and seeing pictures is wretched. Google+’s is easy and beautiful. Below is a side by side comparison of FaceBook and Google+ photos.

2013-10-06-20_11_07 2013-10-06 20_12_03-Jake Kromer - Google+

2013-10-06-20_18_042013-10-06 20_18_45-Jake Kromer - Google+

FaceBook is on the left and Google+ is on the right. FaceBook just seems cluttered and very displeasing to the eye while Google+ is very crisp and clean and easy to look at.

What Google+ can also do is auto-upload all your pictures to their servers. They don’t get automatically posted but they are there for you to have. And, it’s free if you limit the largest edge to 2048. I know, that’s just a number but it’s a big enough picture that your 90 year old grandma can see clearly.

Along with the automatic upload is the “Auto-Awesome” feature that is included. This feature will automatically improve the pictures quality by instantly editing it. You don’t have to keep the Auto-Awesome picture, you can revert it to the original. Along with make the picture look better, if you take rapid succession of photos, it will instantly create a GIF for you to keep and to share, which I think is pretty neat.

Along with showing you the auto-awesome feature, this also shows that you are able to embed your own or other public Google+ posts. This way you can gain more coverage and show off more of you posts or quote someone else’s posts easily.

Google+ also has a built in photo editor based on their acquisition of Snapseed. It gives you many of the basic editing functions you would find on Pixlr or Photoshop and some of their own, robust editing functions. This way, before you post, you can make your pictures look the way you want.

Google+ has so many more features and reasons to be the best of the social media websites out there. Photos are a huge thing people love to share today and what better way than something that is so beautiful and easy to use?

Megan Stevens

20 years ago, today, a beautiful woman was born. A woman who has tried to live life to the fullest. Never half way doing something. Putting her heart on the line.

I was fortunate to meet her a little over a year ago. She was funny and loud and although most people never would have known, I was quiet and shy. She seemed to take interest, as did I. So I made little plans for us to hand out so we could get to know each other better. It worked fantastic. We have been dating for over a year.

Sure, we’ve had our problems just like any other couple. The difference for us if being able to work through things together. Get over stupid mistakes and learn to love each other even more.

Today is her birthday and I am very glad to be apart of it. I couldn’t venture being any where else in life now.

I love you, Megan Michelle Stevens.
Happy Birthday.


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