Megan Stevens

20 years ago, today, a beautiful woman was born. A woman who has tried to live life to the fullest. Never half way doing something. Putting her heart on the line.

I was fortunate to meet her a little over a year ago. She was funny and loud and although most people never would have known, I was quiet and shy. She seemed to take interest, as did I. So I made little plans for us to hand out so we could get to know each other better. It worked fantastic. We have been dating for over a year.

Sure, we’ve had our problems just like any other couple. The difference for us if being able to work through things together. Get over stupid mistakes and learn to love each other even more.

Today is her birthday and I am very glad to be apart of it. I couldn’t venture being any where else in life now.

I love you, Megan Michelle Stevens.
Happy Birthday.

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“It is FINISHED!”, Jesus cried with His last breath. 

Today signifies the day Jesus died upon that cross all those many years ago. He was beaten, mocked, destroyed of all dignity but yet He endured it all because of me. My sin cried “Crucify!” louder than the crowd that day. (O.C. Supertones, ‘Louder Than the Mob’)

Jesus could have called a legion of angels to wipe out the face of Jerusalem before anyone could blink. He could have walked off that cross with zero effort. He could have stopped everything before it even started. He could have never been born.

Jesus CHOSE to die for us. Jesus CHOSE to take up His cross. Jesus CHOSE to be the Lamb of Sacrifice for all sins. Jesus would choose to do it all over again, if for one single person. Jesus would take up His cross all over again for the world to be saved.

Every time we sin, we hammer that nail into Jesus’ wrists and feet. Jesus never blames us. He looks at us with love and compassion. He says, “Come to Me, my child and sin no more. For I, The Lord, love you.” He does not ask for us to do anything to gain this forgiveness, this love, this grace; He simply says come. Nothing we can ever do will win us His favor. Nothing we can ever do will win us forgiveness. Nothing we can ever do will gain His love and grace. He freely gives it to everyone.

“Father, please forgive them for they know not what they have done.”

Maundy Thursday

Today is the day, the fateful night that Jesus of Nazareth was arrested. The day he was tortured and beaten. All because He was sentenced to death the day he was born. Why? For us. Because of us. To redeem us. To wash away our sins. To make us whole again.

Everyday, I’m a failure. I sin and stumble but the Lord says, “Come and I will make you whole.” I have given up social media for Lent. I can truly say that is was hard but worth it. I’m not sure I will be on it much after Lent. What I do know is that I did not give up enough. I did not give up enough for the sake of being closer to my Lord. I gave up something petty, in all reality. Lent will be over and we will remember once again, really, why Christ died.

Remember. Remember why Christ was nailed to that cross. It was me. It was you. It was us.

It’s Been a Year

Has it really been a year, my dear old friend?Has it been a year since I last saw your face?
Has it really been a year since I saw your smile?
I will never forget you, my brother.
You hang above my computer, where I spend most of my time.
You are always in my heart, where I do most of my thinking.
I think of you constantly, the times we had, driving no where.
I think of the times I didn’t spend with you.
I think of how we lost connection with each other.
I think of how I should of spent your last days with you.
I think of how I should have been there more.
I think of how I should have driven to see you more.
I think of how you saved my life.
When no one else would listen, you would.
When everyone else left, you didn’t.
I think of how when we changed the world, every one else scoffed at us but we didn’t budge.
I think of no matter how weak I felt, you were the to give me support.
I think of when I cried, you were there right next to me.
I think of how if just some how if I died, you could still be alive, I would do it.
Your love, your kindness changed the world.
Your smile broke the hardest of hearts.
Your wisdom was so far beyond mine, I still can’t fathom it.
You touched so many hearts, without saying a single word.
You saved so many lives just by living.
You did what so many people thought was impossible.
You were the one that any one could count on.
You were the one that people could always trust.
No matter what, I will always think of you.
No matter what, I will always love you.
No matter what, I will never forget you.

Edison Scott Ibarra,
You are my greatest friend I will ever have. You are the one who was always there for me. You are the one who was always there for everyone. You are the greatest person I have ever come into contact with. You are the one that I never had to doubt. You are the one who kept me alive, no matter what. You were the one who made me feel alive in this world, when it all came crashing down. You are the one who came to help piece it all back together no matter how crappy I treated you. You are the one who loved everyone around you. You are the one who treated everyone equally. Your silence spoke the greatest depths that almost any preacher could never touch. Your life was a greater achievement than anything I can EVER accomplish. Your life was so profound and powerful that I am ashamed of my own. Your life made the best of what life is.
My Legendary to my Christ Punk.
L.C.P. – Never give up. Never surrender. Never die. Always love. Always forgive and forget. Always follow He who paved the way.
Love forever and always,
Jake “Christ Punk” Kromer